The Aftermath

(Excerpts from “Poetry Meets Photography” Exhibit featuring John Leslie Lange,  the author of “Hafiz and I,” a collection of poems inspired by the writings of the Sufi masters, Hafiz and Rumi and Julie Kruger,  a professional photographer and artist who specializes in dreamy landscapes populated by the emotions of love and longing. This presentation is a collaboration of their work in the form of a conversation between John’s poetry and Julie’s images).

~~The Aftermath~~

Over piles of bricks

And beams

She stoops,

Choosing one,

Leaving another.

This knotty board,

That broken curb.

Some still sound,

And straight.

Some too cracked

Or completely shattered.

Some beautiful,

But no longer right.

Others twisted and yet

Perfect for what

Lays ahead.

Dazed yet clear,

Heart concussed,

She surveys bravely

The aftermath.

There’s good stuff here,

Some stalwart stuff

For building dreams,

For sheltering love.

Keystones and cap stones

Will rise again,

A stronger, more beautiful


Built with the marble

Of new hope for love.

Designed by the architect

Of new heart wisdom.

Lifted into place

With the strength

Of self trust.

New windows will open

Into the house of her


New altars will rise

For the praise of the


A new roof will give shelter

From storms that

Will gather.

And a new door will open

That only the

True lover

Can enter.

~~  John Leslie Lange  ~~

(From the project “A Conversation: Poetry Meets Photography”)