Making a strong first impression is the key to success. According to recent research, that first impression can take as little as 1/10 of a second. We’ve been told when we’re young, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,”  but unfortunately that goes out the window with your headshot in today’s online world. First impressions really, really DO count.

We all have an online presence. Our social media, LinkedIn profiles, and possibly our blogs, and websites.  It is crucial to have photos of ourselves that best represent how we want to be perceived.

You are your brand. Upon meeting you or viewing your headshot, potential clients very quickly decide if they feel a connection to you and your company. Do you look approachable, professional and trustworthy?All of these are important characteristics of your company’s brand. It’s imperative that the headshot you share with your potential customer is a professional one.

When I click on a website or LinkedIn, I want to see the person I am dealing with. If I see a fuzzy snapshot of a person, if the lighting is too dark or too bright, if the person is squinting or standing at a strange angle, perhaps they are wearing sunglasses, well, it is hard to take that person seriously. Image matters more than you may think and can cost you that next job, account or sale. It is worth the investment and time to go to a professional photographer.

A great headshot shows your confidence with approachability and a dash of curiosity. People should be drawn in when they see you, wanting to know more about you and your work. To get that expression takes a little work and direction. This is where I come in to guide and direct you. My goal is to capture your style, personality, and the brand you want to project in a powerful headshot.


Online dating sites are popular nowadays and a great headshot can make a huge impact and ensure that you are put your best face forward. One out of three relationships are found from online dating sites. Using selfies is a sure way to have that special someone swipe left instead of right. Investing in how you portray yourself is priceless.

Portrait Session Sitting Fee – $225

*Unlimited commercial license included.

*Final images fully edited, professionally retouched and color corrected.

*Images delivered high resolution 300 dpi (for print) and web-optimized jpeg file
3-5 business days from the shoot or time of chosen images.

*Additional Black and white version free upon request.

Contact me to schedule your headshot session today.

Please call me at 214 457 3395 or email me at juliekrugerart@yahoo.com to set up your headshot session.

“I am impressed by your work. I found your style to be both professional and personal. You made me feel welcome and comfortable.”

John, Broomfield, CO

Anyone who can make me enjoy a photo shoot is nothing short of a miracle worker.”

Stephanie, Boulder, CO

“Julie made me feel comfortable and relaxed so she could take some decent photos.”

Ani, Boulder, CO