John, Boulder, CO



Vibrant Connection: What is Beauty?  My Hafiz, the mirror of my heart, says “Beauty is the light of the Universe shining through your eyes into your soul.  Beauty is when your soul merges with the soul of everything around you, when you become one with God.”

What am you passionate about?    What feeds your soul?   
Beauty feeds my soul and my heart.  I wrote my dharma code last year in yoga 500 class.  My dharma code is: I live to seek, experience, and create beauty.

What makes you keep coming back to Yoga?    Yoga allows me to inhabit my body fully, to get out of my head and feel my lifeforce, in stillness, even when I am moving, flowing, sweating, breathing.

What are you thankful for?   I am so thankful for the gift of life.  I am so thankful for all the beauty that I see in people, in nature, in every part of my life.

Where do you feel in my true element?   I feel most alive outdoors in nature.  Sunshine, the mountains, sea, sky, flowers, birds, fishes, coral reefs, a fine sailboat, and a beautiful woman!  Throw in a sunset or a sunrise, a moonlit sky and some stars, and I am in heaven!

What is your next adventure?    I hope to travel to Asia this winter.  South India to visit temples as a pilgrim.  South Thailand to see the beaches and ocean.  Maybe Bali.

Vibrant Connection:  “What more can you do to bring yourself more fully alive?”  See next Vibrant Connection here.


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