Peter, Seattle, Washington


Vibrant Connection: What drives you?

“Being a father, riding bikes, fishing, my hair.   Mostly I wake up because of the sound of my little one or getting up before her to get a jump on the day.  What drives me are my own goals for myself, not external pressures.”

What are your gifts/talents?

“Stubbornness and the ability to keep trying.  Balance on my bike doesn’t come natural to me.  It has taken years and years, hour upon hour of countless tries to master skills”

How do you want to be remembered?  Right now.

“As a kid from the Midwest that did pretty alright in this life.   Right now, as a class clown in the ‘grown up’ world.

Vibrant Connection:  What would you have done differently on the day Julie photographed you (had you known it was going to happen?)  See Next Vibrant Connection here.





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