Savannah, Boulder, CO

“Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable.”  – Brenda Ueland


Vibrant Connection: What are your gifts/talents?

“I’m really good at motivating others.   I can see how incredible they are especially when they cannot.   I have a lot of ideas on how people can be successful.  I have a way with words, my mind always seems to pull the beautiful meaning out of almost any context.  I can help people put their thoughts down into beautiful and inspiring words.   I’m passionate.   I run on passion or I don’t run at all.  If I am anything, I am authentic.  I don’t hold back my emotions, I learn from them.   I say what is on my mind and the trust always finds me and frees me.”

How do you see yourself:  How do you want to be seen?

“I see myself as a visionary, a creator, a community leader, a lover, a motivator, and a confidant.  I never really learned how to be a sheep and I will never allow myself to become one.  I want to be seen as the melding of strength and femininity.   I want to be portrayed as a world-changer of love.   I want to be seen as living my highest potential.   I want to be seen as a goddess.”

What are you passionate about?  

“I am  passionate about living my highest potential and helping other people live their highest potential.   I am passionate about freedom and living an exceptionally empowered and free life.  I am passionate about the progression of humanity (one element of this is alternative education).   I am passionate about the potential of young people as the inheritors of the world who have the power to create a new paradigm and change the way we live with each other and on this planet.   I am passionate about the power of community and relationships on our lives and how we can heal and build each other up.   I am passionate about exploring the holes and struggles and shadows within me to heal and patch up the holes with gold.”

How do you want to be remembered?  Right now.  

I want to be remembered as someone who changed the world in a small or large way, someone who loved and lived and forgave and saved.

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