Stephanie, Boulder, CO

Vibrant Connection:  “What would you remind the world of?”   “I want to remind people to think of all the things they have been given in life and where their life would be if they hadn’t been given those things.  Then I want them to have gratitude for all they have been given, which also leads to empathy for those who haven’t had been as lucky.”

How can we appreciate the small things in life?   “I think you begin with mindfulness.  Then focus on the people in your life who bring you joy, and the everyday moments that you share.”

What is your spirit animal?   “Hmmm.  Honestly, I wouldn’t say I have one, but if I did, it would be a maine coon cat.   Affectionate, lots of hair :-)”

When was a time you had to dig deep for inner strength?   “Starting in late 2014 , I lost my best friend (sudden death), then my job, then my mother (cancer), in the space of 8 months.  I am a very resilient person, but that really tested me.”

What adventures do you have on your horizon?   “I just started two new businesses, which ought to be adventure enough, but my son is also moving out here at the end of the summer, and that will be an adventure.  Lastly, I would like to figure out some way to work a vacation in here somewhere, and the ideal would be a cooking vacation…”

When do you feel like you are in your flow, your element?   “At my daily dance class.  It begins my day with the perfect energy…”

Vibrant Connection:   “Who gave you the biggest boost when you were young?”