Taylor, Denver, CO


Vibrant Connection: What can you do to bring yourself more freely alive?   Be present, stay grounded and go with the flow.

What inspires you?  Nature.   I am inspired by how gracefully it goes through changes, how it is constantly finding balance between light and dark, how beautiful it is (even in storms), how determined it is to let go and start again, how much life it creates and supports, how intelligent it is to heal itself, I could go on and on….

How do you see yourself?  As a positive, kind, energetic, and wildly excited being.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?  Infinite Memory.   Where I could touch any book and I would remember every word.

What do you believe are your gifts/talents?  I am still discovering.

Where do you feel you are in your flow or your true element?  In nature, on my yoga mat, or simply dancing.

Vibrant Connection:  “Can you imagine living in a world in which every being loved themselves?  What do you think it would look like?”  See next Vibrant Connection here


If you would like to participate in the Vibrant Connections project, please email me at juliekrugerart@yahoo.com.