The Avatar

~~  The Avatar  ~~

Hafiz and I
Were sitting in a cafe,
Sipping tea,
Watching the sun go down,
In fiery splendor, over the mountain,
And he told me about the Avatar.

“She lives far to the south,
Across the desert of desperation,
Over the sea of sorrow.
They say no man has ever seen her face,
Only her eyes,
Peeking over her veil.

Her beauty sends men to madness,
Rushing out to slay dragons,
Conquer kingdoms,
Prove their worthiness,
When all she wants
Is a lover.

But not just any lover.
A lover who burns,
Whose heart
Enfolds all the world
In the fire of compassion.

She wants a poet whose words
Light a fire
In every heart that hears them.
A man who says things that few can say,
But all can understand.

She wants a warrior
Who stands beside her,
A pillar of strength,
A partner in truth,
As they confront the challenges
Of this life together.

A suitor who kneels,
Not to beg, but to invite.

A champion whose arms are strong,
Yet gentle,
And wide enough,
To allow her to expand
And grow
Within their protection.

An artist who sees beauty,
Not as a thing to be possessed,
But as something to worship,
With reverence and awe.

She wants a philosopher
To look to the heavens
And see the same stars
That shine on her face, also.

She will suffer no man to come to her,
Who cannot look into her heart,
And see the place there
That awaits a partner,
An equal,
Not a master of that
Which cannot be commanded.

She waits for her love,
Not with hope,
But with faith that he will come.”

Hafiz drained his cup,
Turned to me,
And asked,
“When do you leave?”

~~  John Leslie Lange  ~~