The End of Magic

(Excerpts from “Poetry Meets Photography” Exhibit featuring John Leslie Lange,  the author of “Hafiz and I,” a collection of poems inspired by the writings of the Sufi masters, Hafiz and Rumi and Julie Kruger,  a professional photographer and artist who specializes in dreamy landscapes populated by the emotions of love and longing. This presentation is a collaboration of their work in the form of a conversation between John’s poetry and Julie’s images).

~~  The End of Magic  ~~

When the golden light

Flickered and faded

From my love’s eyes,

I could see it coming.

It was the end

Of magic.


Where once bloomed love’s garden,

A dust devil whirls,

Kicks up torn scraps

Of poems

And broken synchronicities,

And scatters them forever

Across a dried-out hard pan,

An ancient seabed,


With strange fossils,

And dark dreams.

Maybe some day

Treasure seekers will come here

Panning riverbeds,

Mining rock.

Seeking rare gemstones

Prized by lovers and artists,

Mystics and poets

For their color,

Their dazzle,

Their fiery vibration,

Rubies of Great Love

Still faintly in echo.

And scholars will marvel

At this discontinuity,

This unique rock layer

Separating “Before Love”

From “After.”

A brief dusting of magic

Bearing splinters of meteorites

Crystalline star stuff

From strange moons

And vast galaxies.

But for now, cross the hard pan

The dust devil whirls,

Churns pages to fragments,

Sandblasts words into letters.

Grinds up meaning,

Blows away relevance.

The death of connection

Once mystic,

Now desolate.

An old story, forgotten

A Great Love


Like Ozymandias,

To obscurity

And dust.

~~  JLL  ~~

(From the project “A Conversation: Poetry Meets Photography”)