The Vibrant Connections Project

“In fragments no longer.   Only connect. – E.M Forster

A year ago, I was in a particularly bad mood, I was feeling a lack in my life.   I was going through a separation, my self esteem was shattered, and I was scared of what the future had in store.   I went for a run on the Boulder Creek Path.   As I started running, my mind cleared a little.   I remember my daughter telling me that if I get in a shitty mood, just start thinking of all the things I am thankful for.    Sure enough, a switch happened.  My crappy mood lifted and I soon looked at everything and everyone around me with more openness.     Other folks on the path were smiling, I smiled back and soon it became a contagious smiling fest.

Then I started really looking at people’s faces, not staring at them in a weird way or creeping them out, but a quick glance to take in who they seemed to be.   There was no filter.   I was the same as everyone I passed and they were the same as me.    I am you and you are me.   No one is better or worse.  No judgements or comparisons.

There was now a tenderness, a softness in my heart.   I realized that I am tired of not connecting.  My whole life I was afraid to let my true self out for fear of criticism or judgement.    I walked around feeling I wasn’t good enough before and still battle with this from time to time.  But I am not alone, many people feel the same way.

So this idea came to me that maybe I could show people with a photograph how truly remarkable and beautiful they are.      Quite a big and lofty goal, but why not try?    Hopefully as a result, I can convey a small dose of their beauty, true essence, goodness and humanity in a simple portrait.     On a more personal level, I can stretch myself, get out of my own way, and truly connect with others.

This project is a reminder of how vibrant, divine and connected we all are.