The Wood Elf

(Excerpts from “Poetry Meets Photography” Exhibit featuring John Leslie Lange,  the author of “Hafiz and I,” a collection of poems inspired by the writings of the Sufi masters, Hafiz and Rumi and Julie Kruger,  a professional photographer and artist who specializes in dreamy landscapes populated by the emotions of love and longing. This presentation is a collaboration of their work in the form of a conversation between John’s poetry and Julie’s images).

~~The Wood Elf~~

I was walking one day

Lost in thought,

Pondering Love,

When Hafiz appeared

And told me about

The Wood Elf.

“She’s a mythical lover

A mirage.

You might see

Blue eyes peaking

From behind a tree,

Gone in a moment,

The hint of a smile.

You’ll look for her

Follow deep into the forest,

But not find her.

And then,

When you least expect it ,

At the edge of a pond,

She sits down beside you,

An apparition,

A sudden presence manifesting.

And if you are lucky,

She will kiss you,

And haunt your dreams

And disturb your meditations

With visions of her face

And the memory of her lips.

You will want to know her,

Know why she has chosen you

But she will never tell.

She is the wood elf,

And they

Keep their thought locked up

Inside their mystic hearts,

The shyest of the shy.

And then one day

She will come no more,

And you will search the forest

For a hint of blue,

But all you will find,

Is the reflection off the pond,

And the whisper of the wind

Like her fingers

Gently brushing

The back of your neck

One last time.”

– John Leslie Lange

(From the project “A Conversation: Poetry Meets Photography”)